When you check out, you will be offered the choice to have everything you’ve ordered delivered together.

We offer free delivery for first-time orders, and from time to time we may offer free delivery for customers who spend more than a specified amount on their orders.

This will depend on the contents of your order and your delivery location. your delivery options are:

– Timeslots: There are 3 of these available per day: 10am to 1pm, 2pm to 5pm, and 6pm to 8pm.

You’ll receive three emails from us when you place an order on our website . First, we’ll confirm that we’ve received your order. Then, we’ll confirm that your order is being processed. When your order is on its way to you, you will receive an SMS with the order number and a link to view your delivery status. Finally, we send you an email to confirm that your order has been delivered.

You can also track your order through our web order tracking system.

Our returns policy requires you to return your items to a ZOPO store, so we only deliver to areas that have a ZOPO store nearby to make returning items easier for you.

We are working hard to add new delivery areas. If we don’t currently deliver to your area, please keep checking back. If you would like to recommend that we add a particular area, please send an email with details of your request to


Yes! We use the highest standard of encryption when passing payment information between your computer and our website. In addition, credit card details which are used for payment on our website are handled according to international best-practice standards with key data removed and encrypted. We do not record or retain any of the PIN or CVV numbers which are used for authentication of your card.

You can pay for your order with any Mastercard or Visa credit card, as well as MPESA payment system.  Please note: Some Debit Cards will allow you to make purchases on our website, but you may find that an outstanding authorised amount appears on your account statement for some time after delivery of your purchases. We are working on a solution to this. Please contact our customer service centre for more information.

If you get a damaged product after buying it online, make sure you do not spoil it more. Then contact us after reviewing the product. Then our customer care will advice you more.

Yes- you can change an order after you have bought it, only when you have not used it . we will access the product during the change, if we find it has been used, we have the right to reject the exchange.

NO-We you cannot cancel an order and request money refunds. you can change the product and pick another product amounting to that amount